Timberland Exteriors of Colorado Refuses to Pay for reviews, or play the fake review game!

Most customers don’t know this, but the “customer reviews” business has turned into big business for companies like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Yelp, Google reviews, and even that site everyone trusts the most the Better Business Bureau. These companies extort business owners into paying for ads on their platform by pushing negative reviews to the top, burying positive reviews at the bottom, and actually contacting business owners when this happens to get them to pay for ads to “fix their reviews problem.” A lot of other times positive reviews are either paid for, or posted by employees of the company. And negative reviews affect a business so much, business owners are actually forced to contact the site or the reviewer themselves and pay them directly to have their negative reviews taken down.

This is a huge industry most people are completely unaware of, like you the customer. It’s sad to say this but the reality is the better a companies review profile is online, the more they paid for it, and the less likely you as the customer will be able to make an informed decision.

Instead of posting a bunch of reviews on our site upon request Timberland Exteriors of Colorado will provide you with a list of customers you can call and talk to directly and ask them how their experience was in working with us!

-Angie’s List (Contractors pay to connect with you)

-Home Advisor (They will recommend unlicensed contractors to you, as long as they pay enough)

-Better Business Bureau (Contractor have their seal of approval? It cost them a fortune)

-Yelp (You better not write a bad review about your contractor, or he will be calling you, and most people just give in and take their negative review down)

-Yelp Again (They will call you if your business has a bad review and try and get you to buy ad space with them to take it down)

-Google reviews (Why pay for good reviews when you can make your employees write you them for free)

Request our references

Contact us today and we can put you in touch with our references directly.